We are proud to say we have developed the cultural stream with World Stages Now; an organisation that provides a space for asylum seekers and refugees to collectively and creatively address issues of migration through drama and performance.  For more information on World Stages Now and to see past performances please see their Facebook page


On April 12th, World Stages Now will be performing on day 2 of ‘Now-Here’ at Southampton Nuffield Theatre. The evening performances start at 7pm. World Stages Now are Act 2. Click here to book your FREE tickets!

April 11th 12pm-2pm there will be an informal lunch to celebrate Southampton’s vibrant and diverse community at the Nuffield Theatre. The lunch is FREE to everyone to join, to share in good food and company, with stalls to explore the diverse ecology of the local area. Please RSVP to [email protected] Please note that the Nuffield have agreed to refund all Asylum Seekers and Refugees for their travel to and from the Theatre.



Headlines do help but to make offering sanctuary a sustainable public response to those fleeing persecution, we need a cultural change and this is possible through the arts and media. If you see yourself able to encourage local arts organisations to become involved in the sanctuary movement get in touch City of Sanctuary Southampton by emailing Wendy Arrowsmith at [email protected]