Refugee Week 2017 will be the 19-25th of June. This years theme is ‘Our Shared Future’.

There will be lots of great activities going on throughout Southampton to celebrate Refugee Week.

Saturday 17th: The Great Get Together Picnic at Hoglands Park.
Monday: City of Sanctuary Southampton’s annual learning day at the 3AC Third age centre. It is available to those who are asylum seekers and refugees. Or to those who are representing an organisation. World Stages Now will be putting on an amazing performance as well.
Tuesday: Amnesty will host “Music for Refugees” at Christ Church Freemantle


  • Our Women’s Health Fayre. A free event for all women. Join us for a day dedicated to raise awareness on various women’s health issues and to promote a healthier lifestyle.
  • World Soups Event at St. Mary’s Church 
  • A film screening of “The Guernica Children” at Harbour Lights.


Friday: The Big Iftar at the Medina Mosque
Saturday: Southampton Action- People to People Solidarity donation event at the 3AC Third Age Centre.
Sunday: RefuTea Party at The Art House. Everyone is welcome to join.

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